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What is doxastic safety?

“Doxastic is belief, It´s commitment and it´s real”.

Doxastic safety goes beyond the usual ‘Academic View’ made by people who did not take a real risk in their entire lives

Doxastic Safety is belief and commitment, the real safety approach used by front-line practitioners. Safety does not fall under a binary or dichotomized system. Good or bad. Dangerous or safe. Neither can be accurately categorized on a matrix using only three colors; red, yellow, and green as in Safety Management Systems. Doxastic does not ignore theory; we use the knowledge and take it to the front line.

Danger and Risk should not be understood as something objective or rational but intersubjective. The quality and quantity of training, combined with hormetic doses of exposure, influence, modify, and individualize safety margins, reducing danger, and putting risks into perspective.


Doxastic Commitment or “Soul in the Game”: You must only believe predictions and opinions by those who committed themselves to a specific belief, and had something to lose, in a way to pay a cost in being wrong. Many talk about things they never did. If I haven’t tried myself in the real world, and if I cannot lead by example, It would not make sense to talk or teach people about it.  

Doxastic logic is a type of logic concerned with reasoning about beliefs. The term doxastic derives from the ancient Greek δόξα, Doxa, which means “belief.” Typically, a doxastic thesis means “It is believed that is the case,” and the set denotes a set of beliefs.

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